Nimble XL Frame

$ 599.00

The Nimble XL is a heavy-duty industrial warehouse materials handling tool that helps you transport things over short distances faster. It's all you need to start getting work done efficiently, orders fulfilled quicker, or supplies dropped off across the campus. We're offering the highest quality, no frills, best cargo scooter for professionals. 

Save precious time around your warehouse by kicking off your tasks to a good start. Load more items on the carrying platform without putting pressure on your back. It's completely stable, thanks to five industrial grade wheels. When you want to store the XL Nimble in a smaller space or simply walk with it, simply lift up the foot platform and click it into place with one simple movement. 

It's designed with professional teams in mind. Indoors, outdoors, for factory plants or exhibitions centers, you'll benefit from this unique design in ways you haven't even imagined yet.  

The powder coated steel frame body is made entirely in our own factory. With its high performance industrial wheels the Nimble XL is 100% made in California. 


  • Steel frame
  • Simple 3-step-assembly
  • Foot platform folds up for cart mode
  • Handlebar is adjustable for any height
  • Hand brake levers with locking button
  • Foot brake
  • Three 6" wheels and two 8" wheels
  • Weighs 50 lb
  • Load capacity: tested with 450 lbs


Total Length 
62" / 157.5 cm
Total Width 26" / 66 cm
Total Height 48" / 122 cm