Assembly, Safety and Maintenance

Nimble Classic


Nimble XL


Building Tips and Updates

1. Start loose, tighten later. When you start attaching the cargo tub to the frame, first screw the bolts in loosely, starting with the four bolts on the base of the scooter. Then, tighten the bolts all around.

2. At what height should you place the handlebar? Place it at about waist level, when you are on the scooter. Your arms should be slightly bent when your hands are on the handgrips.

3. Handlebar not going in the post? Loosen the ring with the allen wrench, try wiggling the handlebar in, tapping on the top. You can also use a hammer with a soft end, to force it in. Make sure the wheel is aligned with the handlebars, for accurate steering. Once it’s in, make sure the ring is tightly fastened.

4. Need help? We’re always around to help you out! Having trouble? Call us at +1 949-407-9765