Nimble XL

Nimble XL Industrial Cart

Nimble XL Industrial Cart

Move boxes, materials, tools & equipment twice as fast. Save time, be more efficient. 100% made in California.

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  • Move Faster

    Using a Nimble gets you where you need to go 2x as fast as walking. Workers are more efficient, and get work done faster. Stop wasting time and money every day with people walking around your warehouse! Nimble carts give you a ROI that's worth it.

  • Made in USA

    We build all our products in Southern California. We buy our raw materials locally, weld, assemble and ship in-house. If you like supporting local economies like we do, your purchase decision with Nimble counts.

  • Small footprint, big impact

    Our vehicles take up less than half the space than the usual vehicles you see in warehouses. With a Nimble XL, you can get to places that other vehicles can't, and still be as efficient.

  • People-friendly

    The Nimble XL was designed to be a simple and easy tool for all sorts of people to use. No prior experience or license is required. Easier to ride than a bicycle, less technical than a golf cart or motor vehicle, you can just hop on, give a kick and you're on to your next task.